What should my first blog be about? Oh, the stress! So many things on my mind. So many good recipes to share. It’s the first post.  It has to be dynamic.  It has to be interesting. Should it be about me and why I started this blog? I just don’t know.  Then it hit me.  The blog is called mynorthlandlife.  It seems appropriate that my first blog should be about my north land and how we came to be here.

I love warm weather.  I like to be warm.  I hate to be cold.  And yet I have lived in the Duluth/Superior area on and off since I was 5 years old.  Adam and I have lived all over the place. A couple cities in Minnesota, Brooklyn,NY and Iowa.  We’ve experienced the ultimate urban life and the slow paced beauty of a country life.  We move away but always end up coming back to this beautiful place.  The beauty is truly endless as are the activities no matter what the season.  There are forests to explore,rivers with waterfalls to hike along, lakes for fishing, beaches for swimming (the 7 days a year its warm enough) and many amazing restaurants to eat at.  This place is home.

This is my north land.




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