Northland Farming – Part 1

As I sit here typing this it is 33 degrees.  The sky is alternating between showering us with rain, snow and these little ice pellets that hurt your face.  There is actually snow on the green grass!

snow picture 1

I shouldn’t be surprised.  It is only April 26th.  In Northern Wisconsin. But seriously, the day I was planning out this post it was 70 and sunny and beautiful.  My son spent the whole day outside playing with the neighborhood kids.  The dog laid on her dirt pile next to the house and sunned herself the whole day.  People were out taking walks, working in their yards soaking up the warm rays of sunshine.

I am digressing.   This post is called Northland Farming not the ramblings of a deranged vitamin D starved person who is really ready for summer.

When we lived in Iowa we had a huge garden.  We loved growing things and we loved the fresh veggies all summer long and the ones we froze and canned all winter long.  We also had chickens.  And eggs.  Farm fresh eggs.  There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs.  We’ve miss all of that so much, we decided who cares if we live in the city we can have a little Northland farm right here.  We checked out the regulations and made our plans.

Saturday we were up early and we headed out to Dan’s Feed Bin to get all of the needed chick necessities and the chicks.  The nice thing about chicks is they can live in a box in your home for at least 3-4 weeks.  Plenty of time for us to build a coup.  These are our 5 little ladies.  Henrietta, Pikachu, Bat Chick, Squirtle and Gengar.  Yes, we let Noah (9) name the chicks.  He’s a great chicken mama.


We also started our herb garden.  Adam built me a planter for herbs years ago and we finally took all the shoes out of it and are using it for its actual intended purpose.  This planter is great because we can move it inside when it gets cold out and have herbs all winter long!

Peppers and tomatoes are on the list too.  We’ve started our seedlings and as soon as the weather starts to cooperate we’ll be getting these adorable babies in the ground!


We have plans for a raised garden or two.   Right out there.  Once the snow is gone.

snow picture 2

We also have plans for an expanded garden at our friends house, but that I’ll share and the chicken coup building process in another Northland Farming post.  Until then let’s hope spring returns and winter goes away for a for quite a while.

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