Mini Holiday Part 2 – North Shore Hiking

Do you know how you blink and it’s suddenly two weeks later?  That’s what just happened to me.  I meant to write this post the week after my one on Stonegate but here I am a couple weeks later.  Almost 3 weeks. But who’s counting?

Anyway, on our mini holiday up the North Shore of Lake Superior we did some hiking. We drove all the way up to the Canadian boarder to Grand Portage,MN.  We went to Grand Portage State Park and hiked/walked up the Pigeon River to the High Falls.  We also had a long discussion on if it is really called hiking when the path is paved. If you have thoughts on this subject please share them. We’d love your input.

There is a great visitor center and the path as mentioned before is wide, paved and kid friendly.  I believe it may even be wheelchair accessible.  The falls were running fast and it was another of the North Shore’s beautiful sites to see.  I don’t know what is is about waterfalls that make them so peaceful.  I could sit next to one all day long. These were magnificent.

After Grand Portage State Park we made our way to Judge CR Magney State Park and hiked up to Devil’s Kettle.  Though the mystery of Devil’s Kettle is gone it was still quite the site to see and quite the hike.  My hubby kept telling me we were almost there the entire hike.  This path is not paved and there is a part of the trail that has about a million flights of stairs.  I almost quit but I am so glad I didn’t.  Going down the stairs was no problem and in all reality going back up that wasn’t that bad either.  So don’t even think about turning around at that point.  It’s totally worth every step. The views were gorgeous and it was fun to see the waterfall and wonder where all that water goes.

After the hike to Devil’s Kettle it was about 2 pm and we both were hungry so we went into Grand Marais,MN and had lunch at the most unique cafe.  The food was amazing and Grand Marais is a cute little town I hope we get to explore a little more in the future.

Being the parents of an only child we have gotten used to just always having him with us.  I think this was the second trip in his 9 years that we have left him with our parents and gone away just the two of us. We ended up missing him so much and repeatedly saying, Noah would love this over and over that we went and got him the next afternoon and headed up to Gooseberry Falls.  A super family friendly and popular location on the North Shore it made for a great evening of hiking.

I LOVE exploring the North Shore.  In the past few months I have heard of many places along the Shore that I have never been.  I am so excited to do a lot more hiking and exploring this summer and fall.  If you ever get the chance to or have a weekend that you don’t really know what to do with, head up to the Duluth, MN/Superior, WI area and you won’t be disappointed.  I love mynorthlandlife.

Quick and Tasty Paleo Breakfast

My favorite breakfast pre-paleo was eggs Benedict.  The English muffin, the sauce, the eggs.  Delish! One day near the start of this life style change I was really craving eggs Benedict so I googled paleo English muffin.  I was not expecting to find anything but to my great delight I did!  I’ll share the link to the recipe at the end of this post.

My favorite thing about this recipe is how quick and easy it is! Here is the cast of ingredients required.paleo breakfast 4

The English muffin comes out light and fluffy and looking like this.

paleo breakfast 2

Sometimes I toast it and put honey on it but today I made my version of eggs Benedict.  I added some ham and made a couple of over easy eggs and put those on top.  The yoke of the eggs acts as the sauce.  Delish!

paleo breakfast 3

Here is the link to the recipe.  The original recipe calls for coconut flour but I prefer to use almond.  It takes 3- 4 Tablespoons of almond flour to get the consistency of the 1 Tablespoon of coconut flour.  Thank you for this great recipe!

Mini Holiday – Part 1 Stonegate

My husband’s birthday was this past Monday and since his primary love language is quality time I decided to take him away for the weekend.  We went to a wonderful resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Have you ever needed time away from your day to day life? Time to sit and stare aimlessly at a beautiful view and let your mind rest?  If so, you need to plan a trip to this place.


Stonegate On Superior is a beautiful 8 cabin resort nestled right up to shore of the lake.
We stayed in cabin 1 and it is literally feet from the water. stonegate3
It is their smallest cabin with a small eat in kitchen, bathroom and large living space that includes a couch, chair and bed.
As you sit on the couch and look out the big picture window at the lake and listen to the waves crash against the rocks your worries and stresses melt away.  As we sat watching we saw a loon swim by and boats making their way to Duluth/Superior and/or Two Harbors.  Going to sleep at night watching and hearing the waves was incredible.  Relaxing and peaceful are two words that just being to describe the tranquility of this resort.
The sunrises over the lake are fuhgeddaboutit. (New Yorker for unequivocally excellent no need to discuss further) This is the only phrase that would come to mind when thinking of how to describe these sunrises. One morning I woke up early, grabbed a cup of coffee and made my way onto the rocks just below our cabin and watched the sunrise.  I happened to be the only one out on the rocks enjoying the beautiful sight that morning.  It was so peaceful. I can’t even describe the beauty so instead I’ll just post the pictures and let them do the talking.
We enjoyed our stay at Stonegate so much and will definitely be going back. It’s a great resort to use as a home base for day trips up the shore or to just as a peaceful getaway to relax, take a breath and catch up on your reading while enjoying the beautiful view.
Make sure to check them out at or on Facebook Stonegate On Superior.

I Can’t Keep a Secret!

Anyone who knows me really well knows I have a really hard time keeping secrets.  This is especially true with things I am super excited about.  Today I got a birthday present for my husband that I could not wait to give him.  Literally I could not wait until Monday to give it to him.  He got it today.

In my defense, it’s beautiful and really deserves to be viewed by everyone.  Including my husband.  I featured an artist in my A is for Art piece a few blog entries ago.  Her name is Nissa of NissaWickArt.  A while back I asked her to paint a picture of a place that is very special to us.  It’s the place I grew up. It is also a place where so much healing and growth took place in us individually and in our marriage.  It was time spent living close to family.  We learned new things like how to raise chickens, garden, can and remodel houses.  It’s the place where we learned to love each other again in a healthy way.  We met wonderful people and made amazing friends.

When I look at this painting I am transported back to Pomeroy, IA.  I am driving down the road to the farm that I have driven a thousand times.  I remember the hard times but am in tears realizing what amazing good things took place in the 5 years we lived there.

This painting will not bring you to tears or move you quite the way it did me but it is an amazing work of art and I am so glad we get to add this piece to our NissaWickArt wall!


A special thank you to Nissa for putting up with my crazy requests!