Raised Garden – Northland Farming

I’m sitting out by the fire on this beautiful summer evening with my laptop because I just can’t bear to be inside.fire2 Summer is a short season here in Northern Wisconsin and being a person who prefers the warm weather I need to soak up every moment I can.  It helps me last the winter.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about our raised garden.  In addition to our large garden at our friends house we did a raised garden at our house in town.  We decided to start out with one small one this year and see how it goes.  Once again , my talented husband amazed me.  He looked at some designs online and then went out and built it.  Some two by somethings and four by something else and some nails and/or screws and we have a garden.  Amazing!  We shared a couple of yards of dirt with my father in law who also built raised gardens this year.

We have tomato’s, peppers, broccoli and spinach in it.  Please ignore the weeds.  We did weed it after I took this picture.   I went out early this morning and picked spinach for lunches!  I can’t wait for the rest of our plants to start bearing fruit!

raised garden5

I put one of my blueberry plants in there too.  It’s doing so well!  Next year I plan on having a raised garden dedicated to blueberry bushes.  I can’t wait to eat these berries!


Our big gardens are doing awesome too.  We are going to have a busy autumn canning and freezing all of our bounty!

We are loving doing the urbanish gardening at our house in town and our big gardens in the country.  We’ve lived in suburbia, Brooklyn, NY and the wide open farming country of Iowa and loved all three.  It seems God has blessed us with a mix of all that we love here in Superior.

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