Table Building Amatures

7 or so years ago my husband was helping my dad clean a shed.  While doing this he discovered these. 3 – 12 foot 100 year old barn boards and he got a vision of what they could be someday.


These barn boards sat around in my dad’s garage until about 6 months ago when they made the voyage from Iowa to Wisconsin.  Where they sat in our garage until March.  Over spring break we got ambitious and said let’s build a table.  Something we have never done before.  How hard can it be, right?

I must stop for a moment and say this, my use of we should really be limited to the planning, sanding and painting on of the protective coating.  The building of this table was all my husband.  Through YouTube, Google and his dad (thanks Glenn) he made the plans and executed.  So while I may use the term “we” throughout this post please know my husband deserves all the credit for the actual building of the table.

Now that we have that clear, on with the post.  We cut the boards down to 3-6 feet pieces and 2-4 feet pieces and my husband set to work putting it all together. IMG_6172  We had to take the boards to be planed (thank you Patrick) and jointed (thanks Tom)





After they were planed and jointed it was time to start building.  I can’t give you all the details but there was lots of drilling of holes, dowels, and glue.  There was not one nail or screw used in the building of this table. A fact that I find extremely cool!  If you have questions or want specific plans leave a comment and I’ll get them to you.

IMG_0548 (1)IMG_0551 (1)

We chose to use cedar for the base.  Cedar is so beautiful and it really goes well with the table top even though we think that is white pine.  (If you can tell us if we are correct leave me a comment).
IMG_6400After he got all the parts assembled it was time to sand the whole thing.  I helped a little with that.  I wanted to say I helped “build” the table.  I am not really a details person.  Well, on somethings I am but on something like this it makes my head hurt.  My husband loves it and he is great at it though and he did an amazing job.IMG_6239

Anyway, after all the sanding was done we began to debate what we should use as a finish.  We knew we didn’t want to use a stain of any kind.  The wood was so beautiful as it is.  We considered tung oil or teak oil.  We spent a lot of time in the finishing isle at Menards.  We finally settled on a clear water based poly.  I can’t really tell you why we made that decision.  We just needed to make one and it seemed like a good choice.  I liked it because it didn’t have a strong smell and its really easy to apply.  It really made the table look even more beautiful.

The table is 7 feet long.  The top alone ways at least 250 pounds.  We built the base separately and brought that in the house first.  I was able to help with this and that’s it.


I knew I could not help carry that table top from the garage to house.  My husband and his dad made that happen.  It is a beast.  A beautiful beast.

IMG_0632I have dreamed about having a farm house table for a really long time.  I have pictured sitting around sharing meals, but also living life around it.  My kid working on homework while I meal plan, having my quiet time with God, playing board games, maybe having a puzzle going during the winter, projects being done, laughing and playing cards with good friends, and holiday meals with family.  I love this table! If you couldn’t tell.  Thank you Adam for making my dreams come true!IMG_6549