I Can’t Keep a Secret!

Anyone who knows me really well knows I have a really hard time keeping secrets.  This is especially true with things I am super excited about.  Today I got a birthday present for my husband that I could not wait to give him.  Literally I could not wait until Monday to give it to him.  He got it today.

In my defense, it’s beautiful and really deserves to be viewed by everyone.  Including my husband.  I featured an artist in my A is for Art piece a few blog entries ago.  Her name is Nissa of NissaWickArt.  A while back I asked her to paint a picture of a place that is very special to us.  It’s the place I grew up. It is also a place where so much healing and growth took place in us individually and in our marriage.  It was time spent living close to family.  We learned new things like how to raise chickens, garden, can and remodel houses.  It’s the place where we learned to love each other again in a healthy way.  We met wonderful people and made amazing friends.

When I look at this painting I am transported back to Pomeroy, IA.  I am driving down the road to the farm that I have driven a thousand times.  I remember the hard times but am in tears realizing what amazing good things took place in the 5 years we lived there.

This painting will not bring you to tears or move you quite the way it did me but it is an amazing work of art and I am so glad we get to add this piece to our NissaWickArt wall!


A special thank you to Nissa for putting up with my crazy requests!

A is for Art

One of the joys of my northland life is getting to be friends with an amazing artist by the name of Nissa Wick!   She is a local up and coming artist here in the Duluth/Superior area and she is just oozing with talent. Her paintings of local sights are just breath taking! From the Northshore to Canal Park to Fitgers she captures my northland in all its beauty.


Nissa has had two shows at Red Mug Coffee in Superior, WI and last night I had the privilege of helping set up her display for St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth,MN!  The display is located in the hallway between Building A and the main hospital.  Building A is located off of 2nd Street between 10th Ave E and 12th Ave E.  Here is a little visual aid to help you identify the building.

Building A

The display has a mix of canvas originals and prints of other original paintings she has done.   All the paintings and prints in the display are available for purchase.

Wall 1 no nissa

She also does custom painting.  She is currently working on one of the Pomeroy, IA (where we used to live) corn fields and windmills for us.  She also did this amazing piece from a picture I gave her of Brooklyn, NY. This girl is talented!


Come and check out her display at St. Luke’s if you can.  Her paintings are way more amazing in person than in my pictures.   If you live too far away to come see the display make sure to check her out on facebook.com/nissaellenart or at her webpage http://www.nissawickart.vistaprintdigital.com.  You can also email her at nissaellenwickart@gmail.com.