I love coffee.  My favorite is a good dark roast with a splash of cream.  Oh man, if it wasn’t 8:30 pm, I would go make myself another pot, I mean cup.  I have been trying a lot of local coffee places lately as well as locally roasted coffees.  There is something heartwarming and comfortable about going to a locally owned small business coffee shop in contrast to the bigger chain coffee places.

I am getting off task though.  What I want to write about are three things that have come into my coffee world that I am loving right now.  The first is my percolator.  I remember camping when I was a child and waking up to the smell of coffee being percolated over an open fire.  It smelled so wonderful and I couldn’t wait to be old enough to try it.  I had forgotten about percolators with the convenience of the drip pot and the Keurig until the other day when my best friend whipped hers out and suggested we percolate some coffee.  The difference in the taste was astounding.  I felt like I was really tasting the coffee and it’s flavors the way they are meant to be.  I think the percolation (is that a thing) brings out flavors that we miss out on with a drip pot or a Keurig.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  So good!!

The other thing that has come into my life recently is a coffee protein shake.  It has the coffee from two espresso’s in it and it tastes wonderful!  I love having one for lunch.  It fills me up and I get my afternoon hit of caffeine to make it through the rest of my day.

Last but not least I have found a wonderful dark roast coffee from a roaster near me in Hayward,Wisconsin.  It’s Backroads Campfire Joe.  I received it as a gift from someone who knows my love for coffee.  I have never seen grounds so dark and I was so excited to make it.  I was not disappointed.  The dark, almost woodsy flavor transported me back to sitting next to a campfire on a cold morning watching the forest wake up.  If you like dark roast coffee it is definitely one to try.