Mynorthland Garden-Update

A quick update on our gardens! I am so thankful our friends agreed to let us garden with them.  Thankful they let us have some of the produce even though our follow through on the whole weeding thing hasn’t been the best.  The big gardens are starting to give us produce and our raised garden is going crazy.  The tomato plants are almost as tall as my hubby.  I am loving the gardening thing!  You can’t beat fresh veggies!

Northland Farming- Chickens!

Our chicken are growing up fast.  No more cute fluffy little chicks, they are now feathery teenagers.  I came home from work the other day and found that Henrietta was missing from the box.  Thankfully she was just behind the couch and we were able to catch her and return her to her sisters.  They were obviously ready to be moved outside.  So we (and when I say we, I mean my husband) got moving on building their coop.

My husband is amazing. He looks at some pictures of coops, goes to Menards and then goes out to the garage and BAM we have a chicken coop.  And a super awesome one at that. The girls love their coop, though they’ve been a little hesitant to get out into their yard.  Henrietta is the only adventurous one.  She got right out into the yard and checked things out while the others sat in the doorway squawking at her.  I can’t wait for them to start laying eggs.


Northland Farming – Part 2

The sun was shining and the temps were in the 40’s today we went out to our friend’s house to work on the big garden.  In Northern Minnesota/Wisconsin there are lots of little and big critters that love to eat your garden, especially when you live out in the middle of the forest like our good friends do.  The guy’s project was to build a fence to keep the critters out and boy did they hit it out of the park. They had an idea of what they wanted to do and then they scavenged and built as they went along with what they had on hand.  Super resourceful!  My BFF and I are married to some really talented guys.

garden 8

We have two tilled plots.  A 16×16 and a 12×12.  They found a dog kennel and are using it as the fencing for the 12×12 plot.  For the 16X16 fence they are using boards from a deck that was torn down last fall.

They didn’t get completely done, but what they did get done was spectacular!  It just needs the last wall with the gate and some extra supports to finish it up.  My BFF and I are going to stain the wood and add some hanging plants that deer and other animals don’t like as an additional measure to keep them out of our garden.  Stay tuned for finished project pictures. As there is more snow expected tomorrow night, we have plenty of time to finish this project before we can plant.

I just love these pictures.  I am so impressed with how awesome they did.  I can’t wait to start growing our vegetables.  Now we just have to get the weather to cooperate.

garden 2

garden 6

Northland Farming – Part 1

As I sit here typing this it is 33 degrees.  The sky is alternating between showering us with rain, snow and these little ice pellets that hurt your face.  There is actually snow on the green grass!

snow picture 1

I shouldn’t be surprised.  It is only April 26th.  In Northern Wisconsin. But seriously, the day I was planning out this post it was 70 and sunny and beautiful.  My son spent the whole day outside playing with the neighborhood kids.  The dog laid on her dirt pile next to the house and sunned herself the whole day.  People were out taking walks, working in their yards soaking up the warm rays of sunshine.

I am digressing.   This post is called Northland Farming not the ramblings of a deranged vitamin D starved person who is really ready for summer.

When we lived in Iowa we had a huge garden.  We loved growing things and we loved the fresh veggies all summer long and the ones we froze and canned all winter long.  We also had chickens.  And eggs.  Farm fresh eggs.  There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs.  We’ve miss all of that so much, we decided who cares if we live in the city we can have a little Northland farm right here.  We checked out the regulations and made our plans.

Saturday we were up early and we headed out to Dan’s Feed Bin to get all of the needed chick necessities and the chicks.  The nice thing about chicks is they can live in a box in your home for at least 3-4 weeks.  Plenty of time for us to build a coup.  These are our 5 little ladies.  Henrietta, Pikachu, Bat Chick, Squirtle and Gengar.  Yes, we let Noah (9) name the chicks.  He’s a great chicken mama.


We also started our herb garden.  Adam built me a planter for herbs years ago and we finally took all the shoes out of it and are using it for its actual intended purpose.  This planter is great because we can move it inside when it gets cold out and have herbs all winter long!

Peppers and tomatoes are on the list too.  We’ve started our seedlings and as soon as the weather starts to cooperate we’ll be getting these adorable babies in the ground!


We have plans for a raised garden or two.   Right out there.  Once the snow is gone.

snow picture 2

We also have plans for an expanded garden at our friends house, but that I’ll share and the chicken coup building process in another Northland Farming post.  Until then let’s hope spring returns and winter goes away for a for quite a while.